Migraine cured without oral medicine

Case of the day 21/11/2019 Migraine This lady has been referred to me by one of the grateful patients. She visited me on 27th June 2019 She was suffering from migraine for more than 6 months, she was taking allopathic treatment and nearly spent 32 thousand, the worst part was that treating doctor said, migraine can be controlled but can not be cured. It can be cured at the age of 40 years spontaneously, and this lady was nearly hopeless for a cure. She has to take care of her kid and it was very disappointing for her to carry on this disease. When I told them that I am going to treat her by a piece of hair they were literally shocked of this never heard before method of treatment. Anyhow as the disease has been declared incurable hence they have given a try. She had got relief within 2 hours of the start of medicine transmission with SIMILIMUM CALC CARB 0/1 At different phone follow-ups, she reported relief and cure. Today on 21/11/2019 they visited at the clinic The best part of the treatment was with similimum , her 6 years long CHRONIC LEG PAIN also got cured. She has also been blessed with pregnancy for which they were trying for 2 years. Jai Hahnemann Jai Homeopathy.

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