Chyluria Milky Urine Disease Cured case from Orrisa

This patient has visited the center of Dr.Ravi at Lucknow from an endemic Dist of Orissa, her mother is also a patient of filaria and he has also suffered from filaria a few years back. For 2 years he is suffering from milky urine- chyluria. He has undergone the surgical procedure after failed medical treatment, endoscopic installation of Betadine to obliterate the abnormal passage. In the video, he is explaining the procedure. Unfortunately, this procedure has done no good to him and again chyle started. He has been assured and his treatment has been started with the medicine transmission through the hair with an indicated single remedy, the specialty of Dr. Ravi clinic He has bee cured of his disease without any invasive technique, watch out his journey of Disease. Dr.Ravi Singh

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