Moscow Presentation of Drug Transmission through hair

This paper has been presented at 25th Asian Homeopathic Medical League Congress Moscow on 15th Oct 2016 by Dr.Ravi Singh and well appreciated .

Homeo Drug Transmission through Hair or Sahni Effect .A medical breakthrough or boon by Late Dr.B.Sahni of Patna, He has discovered a new method of administering homeopathic energy medicine through a natural belonging of patient and hair being the most easiest one.
According to Albert Einstein Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can only be transformed in another form. Obviously energy can be transmitted like radio or mobile signals. Just few years back we were unaware of bluetooth and wifi transmission, and so many are still unaware of LiFi even today. Dr. Sahani never claimed as how it worked, he has given many postulates about his theory( Ref. Transmission of Homoeo Drug energy from a Distance by Dr B Sahani and B Jain publishers.
Methodology adopted is as follow:

Patients is told for this type of application of this system
Case history is collected from the patients as per the case taking most classical to Homoeopathy.
Each case history is then analyzed for selection of proper rubrics for the selection of the Homoeopathic Medicines.
Each case is then repertosized using the RADAR software available at the centre and a medicine is selected.
A strand of HAIR is taken out either cut or uprooted from the head of the patient.
Selected medicine is taken in fifty millisimal potency and diluted in water in a 5ml vial and ten stroke was given.
This vial is ready for putting the hair in it.
Strand of hair taken out from the patient is inserted in the vial containing diluted medicine. This is termed as “Transmitting set”. It is put in safe cupboard after putting name of medicine, date and patients name OR code number allotted to the patient.
When the hair is put in the vial of transmitting set it is termed as Transmission “ON” and when the hair is detached from it is termed as Transmission “OFF”
Patient is advised to report for progress after fifteen days.
Follow-up progress is noted when the patient revisited the clinic after fifteen days.
Homoeopathic observation of the caseis followed up and change in medicine is made considering the action. Following changes are made depending on the result.
No change in symptoms- ten stroke were given to the transmitting set.
Positive progress- No change is made in the transmitting set.
Aggravation in symptoms- Either hair is detached from the transmitting set or waited without any change depending on the progress noted.
Adverse changing symptoms- Transmission is put OFF and waited for change.
When need of change in medicine is felt either due to wrong selection or for use of complementary medicine. Hair was taken out from the first transmitting set and inserted in the new transmitting set containing new medicine. Has to be properly wiped out before inserting in new medicine.
Medicine used for transmission is selected from the general pool of the Homoopathic medicine in fifty millisimal potency.
Principle of complementary, follow-up, inimical, antidote as per Homoeopathy was adopted.
After treatment is finished or if the patient is not reporting properly, hair is wiped and detached, hence drug transmission is stopped.

The advantages of this method are as follows

Distance of patient is no bar for patient either in first or subsequent consultations.
In case of aggravation simply detaching the hair will check agg.
It is a continuous process, patient receives medicine till the vial contain his hair.
It is the quickest method of effects obtained by homoeopathy which I have witnessed in my practice several times.
Change of medicine is so simple that after washing hair put it in another medicated vial.
Patient need not to come your office, he has only to inform us by telephone or massage.
Really the only method which can be used in religious fasting like VRAT of Hindus and RAMJAN of Muslims without hurting religious sentiments of patients.

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