Anxiety Neurosis Cured by Homeopathy

Anxiety neurosis is the psychological disorder most commonly referred to as generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD. Characterized by excessive, exaggerated worrying or fear about everyday issues such as money, family, work or health. The symptoms of GAD can be overwhelming, at times to the point of being completely debilitating. As per my experience trigger factors may be loss of near or dear ones, seeing some road accidents or even in close vicinity of such patients. Physical symptoms of generalized anxiety can be similar to or experienced as an anxiety or panic attack. Specifically, GAD symptoms felt in the body can include headaches and body aches, muscle tension, difficulty swallowing, trembling or twitching, sweating, gastrointestinal discomfort and nausea, diarrhea, feeling lightheaded or dizzy, feeling out of breath, hot flashes, and having to visit the bathroom often.* In addition, sufferers of GAD can experiences sleep difficulties or insomnia, restlessness, fatigue or feeling tired for seemingly unknown reasons. Sometimes just getting through the day can cause or increase feelings of anxiety. This tendency to ruminate can last all day, interfering with school, work or family, and causing sufferers to adopt a pessimistic attitude in which they always fear the worst. Aside from the physical symptoms and worrying that define GAD, other symptoms that sufferers can experience include being easily distracted and having a hard time concentrating. Their incomplete task creates more anxiety and patients are trapped in a vicious cycle. Homeopathy offers wonderful treatment of GAD with the individual treatment protocol. Every patient in homeopathy received their own individual remedy, depending upon the trigger factor, their individual response to trigger factor and characteristic peculiarity of person. This particular patient has visited my Lucknow center, he has already been diagnosed by a Psychiatrist doctor. Dr. Abhinav Pandey of Lucknow in 2015 He is also a hypochondriac patient. He was also suffering from psoriasis for 2 years ( mild form) In the initial case taking session I have told him that I am going to treat him by a piece of hair, he literally stared at me. Anyhow his treatment has been started with medicine transmission of selected medicine on 16th May 2019 He was fearing death and all these complaints got aggravated after the heart attack episode of his father. A train of negative and anticipating thought always prevails in his mind. He was not taking interest in his job also On 8th July he reported at the clinic there is some aggravation in psoriasis patches, but in general, he was feeling much better. Considering Hering’s Law of Cure, transmission in the same medicine continued. On 22/08/2019 he again reported at the clinic that he is almost free of anxiety and his psoriasis spots also faded and nearly at an end. Also, watch out the experience of the patient about medicine transmission through the hair in the last video Transmission continued..

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