Chyluria for 3 Months Cured in 3 days with Homeopathy Dr Ravi Singh

Let me share another case of Chyluria from Chhapra, Bihar. This young man suffered From Milky urine disease chyluria. The condition worsens daily, and sometimes the urine flow gets obstructed. In the advanced stage of this disease, the chyle gets thickened and blocks the passage. In more advanced cases, blood or blood clots appear in the urine.

When this patient suffered from a blood clot and clotted chyle in the urine, he visited a urologist who suggested immediate Surgery. The endoscopic instillation of Betadine and Silver Nitrate got advised, but out of fear about Surgery and no guarantee, he started finding an alternative solution.
He came across a few real-time cured cases with classical homoeopathy treated by Dr Ravi but could not believe one could be treated with a piece of hair. He told his father about this method. His father sent him to the Clinic and his sister to see things.
They visited the Clinic on 8 Jul and explained the journey of disease and condition. His pain and fear of disease were evident; he was depressed about the illness.
Dr Ravi explained the treatment procedure, especially the ” Medicine Transmission through hair method and assured of a good outcome with classical homoeopathy.
After a detailed case history, we started his treatment by inserting his hai in a vial containing indicated medicine.
He made a quick recovery from his condition.

The patient visited the Clinic on 28 Dec 2022. He reported observing the fantastic effect just two days after beginning treatment( inserting his hair in indicated medicine). His chyle disappeared after 3rd day and never appeared. He said before the treatment, his condition was terrible; He was passing chyle, and there was blood and clots in the urine. He was amazed and pleased with the results. He is now starting to take food articles containing fat without any trouble. Appreciating the “medicine transmission through hair” method, he referred many patients for Chronic illness. He admitted it was difficult to trust the technique initially, but the results amazed his family and friends.

Today also came with a new patient with cancer at Clinic.
This case got treated with the method of medicine transmission through hair.

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