Blepharospasm case a childhood friend of Dr.Ravi cured

Blepharospasm is a focal cranial dystonia characterized by increased blinking and involuntary eyelid closure. Dystonia is a movement disorder that causes the muscles to contract and spasm involuntarily.
Typically, this is due to spasm of the orbicularis oculi muscles. Involuntary closure of the eyelids can also be caused by the failure of levator contraction, a condition known as apraxia of lid opening or motor persistence of the orbicularis oculi muscles.
Modern medical literature states Blepharospasm as a neuropathologic disorder, rather than psychopathologic. But to my personal experience, psychology is the causative and maintaining cause.
Patients with BEB may have a sensory trick, such as touching the face, which improves their eyelid spasms.
Neuroimaging studies support the general concept that there is pathology in the basal ganglia and its circuitry.
Hemifacial spasm is also observed in many patients of Benign Essential Blepharospasm (BEB). This is characterized by synchronous spasms/contractions of one side of the face. The spasms are usually very brief, but can occur in runs and are occasionally tonic. The disorder typically begins around the eye, which is often the most symptomatic aspect of the disorder.
Here is the story of one of my childhood friends who is living in my colony at Lucknow.
One day after a long time, I visited his home and shocked to see that he is suffering from challenging and chronic neurological trouble- Blepharospasm. He has to hold his eyelids with the help of fingers; He must cover the face to hide. There is always an involuntary sighing sound.
I have treated many such cases; hence there was no doubt about the diagnosis.
I called him at the clinic and visited with his wife.
During case taking, it got revealed that he is an adamant phase of life, and financial troubles are causing lots of anxiety.
As I have already narrated in my previous cases of Blepharospasm, this is neuropsychiatric trouble and not just the neurological problem.
I have started his treatment, and he made gradual progress.
He has visited the clinic meanwhile at different followups and with some waxing and waning situations.
Today on 19/06/2020, amid the Lockdown situation of the country, I have visited his home in the morning and recorded today’s video.
He has made excellent recovery for this so-called incurable disease.

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