Dr.M.K.Sahni giving his welcome speech

Ex Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav addressing the Delegates

Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Singh addressing the Delegates

Some Ardant Followers of Drug Transmission through Hair

Dr.Ramji Singh President Central Council of Homeopathy

Our Inspiration Late dr.B.Sahni at Hahnemann's tomb

Learning with Dr.Sahni at Himalayan valley Kalimpong

Dr.Sahni talking about drug transmission at Moscow Seminar


Drug Transmission through hair is a great medical breakthrough by Late Dr.B.Sahni of Patna in the year 1967. He has discovered the new method of application of Homeopathic Drug Energy by Natural belonging of patient a hair- Known as Sahni effect. Apparently Dr.B.Sahni's Discovery is victory over space.  This is a common platform to share cases and updation about the Drug Transmission through Hair. This method of application of medicinal energy from remote places is practiced all over the world by lovers of true homeopathy. 
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