Chyluria Case Treated Successfully by Homeopathy

Chyluria, chylous urine or milky urine disease is debilitating disorder mostly caused by nematode ( parasitic).

At first instance patient either got scared by seeing appearance of urine or in male mistaking for Spermatorrhea or in female with Leucorrhea.
Some severe cases may present with blood mixed with chyle called as hematochyluria.

In fact Chyle is defined as the lymphatic fluid in the intestinal lacteals that contains absorbed fat in the form of chylomicrons.

The presence of chylomicrons in a stable emulsion gives this intestinal lymph a milky appearance.
Chyluria indicates the presence of an abnormal communication between intestinal lymphatics and the urinary tract.

This communication is caused by the obstruction of lymphatic drainage proximal to intestinal lacteals, resulting in variceal dilatation of distal lymphatics and eventual rupture of lymphatic vessels into the urinary tract, creating a lymphaticourinary fistula.

The location of lymphaticourinary fistula is most commonly at the calyceal fornix in the renal pelvis, but can also occur at the level of the ureter or urinary bladder.

The etiology of chyluria can be classified as either parasitic or non-parasitic.
Lymphatic filariasis is the most common cause of parasitic chyluria in persons living in endemic areas, namely tropical and subtropical regions
Wuchereria bancrofti infection accounts for most of the lymphatic filariasis worldwide.
Chyluria is a late and uncommon manifestation of chronic lymphatic filariasis.

The NON PARASETIC CAUSE of chyluria are rare and include granulomatous disease (such as tuberculosis, fungal infection, and leprosy), congenital anomalies of lymphatic system (such as lymphangioma), malignancy, trauma, venous stasis, pregnancy, aortic aneurysm, and lymphatic obstruction after surgery or cardiac catheterization.

Initial fat restricted diet is must, physical overexertion and mental worries must be avoided.
Patients must avoid curd for lifetime.

Many patients came to us after unsuccessful instillation of Betadine or silver nitrate in kidney, as temporary obliteration of lymphatic channel seldom helps.

A case of Well diagnosed chyluria

This patient has visited my Lucknow Centre from Asansol, West Bengal As per our clinic procedure, his case has been taken in detail and medicine transmission of Lyc 0/1 has resulted in wonderful recovery for him.

In homeopathy every patient receives their own individual medicine, self medication is not recommended.

How and what homoeopathic medicine do internally may be a matter of research, but at my clinic I have treated many many patients with great results by single constitutional remedy.

At last part of video also listen his experience about medicine transmission through hair.

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