Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)

Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)
Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)
Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)
Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)
Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)
Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)
Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)
Article About Medicine Transmission at Scopus Journal- Journal of Critical Review (JCR)

Homoeopathic Medicine (Megneticphoton) Teleport From A Distance Through Hair (Entangled Particle)
Chairman, Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy, Patna
Post Graduate Co-coordinator, G.D. Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Patna.
Secretary General, Homoeopathy Science Conference Society. Correspondence:
Received: 14 April 2020 Revised and Accepted: 8 August 2020

As a therapeutic intervention, homeopathy is somewhat target of enhanced skepticism because within the main, its remedies are diluted and successes (potentized) out of fabric existence. This puts homeopathy seemingly at odds with the paradigm of conventional science, especially, that atoms and molecules are the elemental building blocks of all matter. and each atom has electron, proton, neutron and own energy label with is exists in nature so every particle features a specific energy and wave length and frequency now that molecules potentized (so molecules is converted in is energy (magnetic photon) because every mass is converted to energy and energy is converted to mass. (Energy not created nor destroyed).
Energy may be a conserved quantity; the law of conservation of energy states that energy is often converted in form, but not created or destroyed. Dr. KARIN LENGER homoeopathic potencies identified the new magnetic resonance method. Their electromagnetic properties are demonstrated by a fairly new developed resonance method using two different Tesla coils which generate longitudinal wave at distinct resonance frequencies within the HF range at low micro voltages, when laid in to the maximum of magnetic field. Therefore, it can be concluded that homeopathic potency consists of magnetic photons.
Keywords: Homeopathy, Magnetic Photon, Teleportation, Tesla Coil, Entangled particle, Drug Energy
1. Introduction
Now body is buildup million and trillion cells and beginning as in intrauterine life. Now this body is formed from just one cell and one cell have protoplasm. Now this cell converts into many meiosis and mitosis process into many cell. numerous cell fuse together form tissue and many tissue form an organ, an organ form a system and system form a body.

So, every cell entangled to each other. Mean to say hairs of body are an entangled particle.
2. Teleportation
Physicists in China have informed the small print on their ground-breaking experiment to understand „ultra-long- distance quantum teleportation,‟ which could pave the means for a worldwide quantum internet.
In a main advance, the team established the main ground-to-satellite quantum network, which permitted them to transmit a photon from an entangled pair up to 870 miles (1,400 kilometers).

Entangled photons theoretically uphold their link across any distance, and have probability to revolutionize secure communications – but, scientists have previously only managed to take care of the bond for about 62 miles (100 km).
3. Key Points
It is method of homoeopathic medicine is in sort of magnetic photon (energy) teleported as using the hairs of a body (entangled particle). it had been discovered by late Dr. B. Sahni of Patna at 1967 whose explanation dynamic power or dynamic energy.
Administration of dynamic medicine of Homoeopathy by trying to apply through the different conventional mode. Oral tactual and olfaction being widely accepted and traditional practice for administration dominated in every system of medication. Oral administration instilled altogether medicines principles became the instinctive mode of administration both for the practitioners as well as for the patient. Discovery of Dr. B.Sahni Transmission of Homoeopathic Drug Energy from a distance are breakthrough in the mode of administration. Homeopathic Medicine Transmission which is understood as Sahani Effect as discovered by Dr. B.Sahni, Patna.
Selection of Homoeopathic medicine was done in most classical way by following the totality of symptoms with constitutional understanding of cases and using symptoms similarity principles with suitable rubrics taken from Synthesis Repertory. Selected medicine was administered from our OPD to the patient residing at their dwelling place through the hair taken out from them. Results were observed for the change and followed up with the progress in most classical way of Homoeopathy. Kent’ observation for the subsequent changes was strictly adhered to make subsequent changes in medicine also as their potency. Use of fifty millesimal potency was considered in accordance with the instructions as laid down in
6th edition of the Organon of Medicine . Patients were followed up even after the laboratory reports were proved to be within the range to watch for any relapse.
In this method, a strand of hair(entangled particle) is either cut or uprooted from body or scalp and inserted in to vial containing homoeopathic
potentized medicine (magnetic photon) 2 or 3 globules with dissolved water (on the very fact that the most properties of homeopathic potency are electromagnetic energies and magnetic photons, it can be concluded that the sugar globuli bind the photons by their magnetic fields. By analogy, photons in alcoholic-water-dilutions bind to the alcoholic-water molecules. During the
preparation of homeopathic potencies, the successes alcoholic water dilution is poured onto the sugar globuli. Presumably, the magnetic flux of the sugar globuli is stronger than that of the water carrier molecule. Otherwise, the photons bound to water carrier molecules would be evaporated.
After this closed by cork of vial and provides 10 strokes on palm. This magnetic photon reacts with hair. So, hair may be an entangled with body. Now this information homoeopathic potency can teleport through hair.
E=mc square

Dynamic nature of drugs kept Dr. Hahnemann et al. spell bound the particular route to be administered to the patient. Dynamism is an influence, which affect any system without getting involved into it intrinsically definitely it pose a challenge to get the actual Route of administering a dynamic medicine to a diseased individual. The accepted
traditional route of administration of oral through the mouth are often easily conceived within the light of fabric nature of the drugs . Also the tactual, rubbing, injecting the drugs into the physical body seems plausible for the material nature of the crude medicine. This was being followed in a traditional way and still today is considered as one of the route for administration even for the dynamic medicine for homoeopathy but the scientific mind of Dr. Hahnemann couldn’t digest it in tote. He was trying to seek out out best route to administer the dynamic property, which has to be received by dynamic vital principle. Dr. Hahnemann made several investigation and observation to determine the simplest route for administration of the homoeopathic dynamic Medicine. He acknowledged that these dynamic medicine act most surely and most powerfully in the sort of vapors by olfaction i.e. inhalation. He discussed these just in the footnote of sec 288 of the 5th edition“it is particularly within the sort of vapors, olfaction and inhalation of the medicinal aura that in always emanating from a globule impregnated with a medicinal fluid in a high development of power, and placed dry in small vial, that the homoeopathic remedies act most surely and most powerfully”.
Dr. Hahnemann was of the view that dynamic medicine always emanates the medicinal aura which is certainly accepted by the aura of the vital principle . Thus the administration mode could also be a contact between the 2 power, that in medicinal power and life principle . Regarding the particular process he further writes “the homoeopathic physician allows the patient to hold the open mouth of the vial first in on nostril, and within the act of inspiration draw the air out of it into himself then , if it’s wished to provide a stronger dose, smell within the same manner with the opposite nostril more or less strongly according to the strength it in intended the dose should be; he then corks the vial and replace in his pocket case, to prevent any misuse of it, and unless he wishes it he has no occasion for a apothecaries assistance in his practice. Regarding the facility retained within the globule, he admits that he has experienced that power in retained undiminished for a minimum of 18 to twenty yrs even after thousand operations. it’s thus quiet clear that Dr. Hahnemann wasn’t satisfied with the oral or tactual route of administration and sought a way better route where he accepted olfaction is that the best; the dynamic property of
a substance includes its incessant vibrations which are always in search of a medium to be in routed. Dr.Hahnemann called it medicinal aura.
The dynamic properties also involve remote administration to a particle separated from its quantum particle. Thus it seems possible for homoeopathic dynamic medicine to be transmitted from a distance. Dr. Hahnemann couldn’t go further because of the natural limitation of his life. Discovery of Dr. B.Sahni of Remote Administration of Homoeopathic Remedies from distance using natural belonging of the patient needs careful observation.
According to aphorism 288 Organon of Medicin 6th addition says that (I find it yet necessary to allude here to animal magnetism because it’s termed, or rather mesmerism (as it’s should be called in deference to Mesmer, its first founder)witch differ such tons in its nature from all other therapeutic agents. This curative force, often so stupidly denied and distained for a century, acts in several ways .it is marvelous, priceless gift of god to mankind by means of which the strong will of a well intentioned person upon a sick one by contact and even without this and even at an extended way ,can bring the vital energy to the healthy mesmerizer endowed with this power in to a special dynamically (just together of the poles of a robust magnetic rod upon a bar of steel) Great Hahnemann this medicinal energy so called dynamic power. But karin lenger, identified homoeopathic potencies by a replacement resonance method. And detancies of magnetic photons in homoeopathic potencies. Karin lenger the detection of magnetic photons in homeopathic potencies. Their electromagnetic properties are proved by a newly developed resonance method using two different Tesla coils which generate longitudinal waves at distinct resonance frequencies within the HF range at low micro Voltages. When laid into the utmost of the magnetic field, homeopathic high potencies with frequencies being in resonance with those of the coils attenuated the magnetic flux. Therefore, it are often concluded that homeopathic potencies contains magnetic photons. For the primary time,
the degree of each potency could be measured and characterized by its specific μV input level which separated the photons from their carrier molecule of sugar at their resonance frequency.
Homeopathic potencies are magnetic photons with several frequencies within the HF range and with different energies. Until recently, only photons with monochromatic light are known. For the first time, the resonance method developed during this paper was extended for determining the frequency spectra of homeopathic potencies by exciting them by means of a special peak frequency of their individual spectrum within the HF range. From this it follows that every homeopathic potency must have its specific frequency spectrum and its specific energy, which is that the “homeopathic information.” according to these results, homeopathy has been placed on a fundamental, scientific, physical basis. The functioning of homeopathy can now be explained. Healing by homeopathy obeys the principle of similarity according to Hahnemann:’ the patient possesses to be treated thereupon substance which induces an equivalent symptoms that are characteristic for his disease. If a healthy person is treated with the same substance he or she goes to develop an equivalent symptoms. it’s said, an “information” is then transferred to the patient, because there’s not any molecule left in high potencies. supported the results of this paper, it are often stated that healing by homeopathy means exciting or attenuating the extent of the energy terms of the pathological pathways by the magnetic photons according to the resonance principle.
Therefore, the homeopathic principles of similarity are often reduced to similar resonance frequencies of the remedy and thus the pathological pathway.
Homeopathy is a lively medicine.

5. ENTENGLED PARTICLE. In physics , the entanglement of particles describes a relationship between their fundamental properties that can’t have happened accidentally . This might ask states like their momentum, position, or polarization. Knowing something about one of these characteristics for one particle tells you something about an equivalent characteristic for the opposite. Think of a pair of gloves. If you found a right glove alone in your drawer, you’re often certain the missing glove would suit your left . the 2 gloves might be described as entangled, as knowing something about one would tell you something important about the other which will not a random feature. In fashion, this concept isn’t all that strange. But the concept poses a haul for physics. Does quantum entanglement work with ‘reality’?
The physicists Bohr and Werner Heisenberg argued an object’s state only truly existed once it became related to a measurement, which meant somebody needed to observe it experimentally. Until then, its nature was merely a chance.
To other physicists, just like the famous Einstein and Erwin Schrödinger, this was as preposterous as saying a cat inside a box is neither alive nor dead until you look.
Finally two physicists Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen collaborated with Einstein to return up with an idea experiment, where two objects interact in how.
By measuring one among them, we’d be ready to compute variety of its partner details without having to live it directly, because of its ‘entangled’ history. “Spooky action at a distance”
In response to the present dilemma (now called the EPR or Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox) Bohr suggested that the state of both objects simply became ‘real’ at the same time, as if they instantly swapped details on this experimental intrusion across a distance.
Einstein dismissed this concept as a ‘spooky action’, claiming on multiple occasions that “God doesn’t play dice”.
Decades later, Bohr’s ideas still stand strong, and therefore the strange nature of quantum entanglement may be a solid a part of modern physics. Physics really is fundamentally ‘spooky’ in any case .

Hypothesis of Quantum energy teleportation was also suggests by Japanese physicist Masahiro Hotta of Tohoku University which proposed that it’s going to be possible to teleport energy by exploiting quantum energy fluctuations of an entangled vacuum state of a quantum field. The hypothesis proposes that energy could also be injected into a zero fluctuation of the sector at one place, and extracted from a fluctuation at another place. Even for interstellar distance energy transfer, the quantity of teleported energy is nonzero, but negligibly small. In contrast, the

teleportation protocol are going to be effective in small quantum worlds of nano-scale devices like quantum computers. the thought may be a continuation of quantum teleportation which was originally proposed by C.H. Bennett, et al. in 1993and experimentally confirmed by various experiments within the subsequent years. Protocols of the quantum teleportation transfer quantum information, but cannot teleport energy itself. Quantum energy teleportation could also be a quantum protocol which transfers locally available energy, in an operational sense, from one subsystem of a many-body system to a different in an entangled state by using local operations and classical communication (LOCC). The locally available energy indicates the energy which may be extracted from a subsystem by local operations and harnessed for any purpose. The transfer
speed are often much faster than the speed of energy diffusion of the system. It doesn’t allow energy transportation at superluminal (faster than light) speed, nor does it increase total energy itself contained during a foreign place. Though zero-point energy of rock bottom state exists everywhere within the system and contributes to the number of the entire energy, it’s not available by use of ordinary local operations. However, if information a few local zero- point fluctuation, which carries some of the zero-point energy, is obtained by a measurement of a foreign subsystem via ground-state entanglement, the energy becomes available, and should be extracted by a neighborhood operation hooked in to the knowledge . The extraction of the energy is amid generation of negative energy density, which is allowed in physics of many-body systems including quantum fields, and retains the local energy conservation law. The remote measurement, which provides the knowledge for energy extraction, injects energy into the measured subsystem. a number of the injected energy, which amount is larger than that of the energy extracted from the zero- point fluctuation, becomes unavailable thanks to entanglement breaking by the measurement, and cannot be retrieved by local operations within the measurement region. Thus, during the protocol, the number of locally available energy decreases within the measurement region, and it increases within the energy extraction region. The injected energy is that the input of this teleportation protocol, and thus the extracted energy is that the output. Quantum teleportation, or entanglement-assisted teleportation, could also be a process by which a qubit (the basic unit of quantum information) are often transmitted exactly (in principle) from one location to a special , without the qubit being transmitted through the intervening space. it’s useful for quantum informatics , however it doesn’t immediately transmit classical information, and thus cannot be used for communication at superluminal (faster than light) speed. Quantum teleportation is unrelated to the common term teleportation – it doesn’t transport the system itself, and doesn’t concern rearranging particles to repeat the shape of an object.

1. Distance of patient is no bar for patient either in first or subsequent consultations. Patient at any place can receive the medicines.
2. In case of aggravation simply detaching the hair will check agg. Vital force will annihilate the wrong medicinal energy.
3. Person seated in their own place seek all comforts simply by use for remote technology, then why not health can be provided by remote technology. Medicine Teleportation has come out with it.
The concept of teleportation of homoeopathic potency is that the extension of philosophy of Hahnemann. And further extension of Dr. B. SHANI. Homoeopathic potency are often teleport through the entangles particle called hair.

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